Saturday, July 11, 2009

July News! New YouTube / New Summer Specials / New Info!

Hello, Beautiful Beings!

How is the summer treating you?

Hope July is beginning with much joy!

NEWS from Seeing Through the Hands: Once again, this summer I will be on the massage crew at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. I am full of so much excitement! My last day massaging / strength training / yogafying will be July 16th. I will return August 21 and be back working with you fabulous folks Sunday August 23rd.

What does this mean? It means BOOK NOW, NOW, NOW! Before July 16th. Be sure to get some bodywork before Seeing Through the Hands goes on vacation.

It means BOOK YOUR SESSION FOR AUGUST 23rd or later NOW to get your preferred time slot. Book now and free your mind from another to-do list item.

It means The Special begins today, July 1st and lasts through September 15th!

What Special? The Special: *Receive $100 off any early bird 10 pack purchased now through September 15th. That is $10 off each session!

Also...*Receive $90 off any regular 10 pack purchased now through September 15th. That’s $10 off each session, and remember, the 10th session is FREE! Also…

*Receive $10 off any type of any individual session, at any available time slot. Also…*Bonus, refer a friend and get $10 off. Also…

*Yes, you can combine specials! That means if you refer a friend you will get $20 off your ne xt session between July 15th and September 15th. New clients always get 10% off and they can combine specials, too ($10 off plus 10% off). What better time to send your friends to Seeing Through the Hands!!!!

*** You don’t have to use up your 10 pack between July 1st and September 15, just purchase it in that time frame******

The Special is specifically for you and your friends. It’s our way of saying “Thanks” to you for being a part of Seeing Through the Hands, and for understanding and supporting Seeing Through the Hands closing for a month.***

More News: The time has come for the 5th monthly YouTube series. This is the final YouTube of the Office Stretch series. There will continue to be monthly YouTubes, however they will have different themes. The Month of July YouTube: This YouTube is a little different then the previous four. It presents Shiatsu points one can do to themselves in the office setting, rather than stretches.***For newcomers to this mailing list.

WELCOME! and THANK YOU! for being a part of Seeing Through the Hands. I have been working on a monthly YouTube series. My purpose is to help reduce stress in our daily lives. I want to let people know who I am what I do. The YouTube Office series is great to slip in anytime you have a free moment in or out of the offic e. This YouTube world is still new to me. Your suggestions are really helpful. I would love to hear from you --anything I should add or change, any physical issue you would be looking for on YouTube, etc.

***Thanks so much for your support and helping build this independent women owned practice!July YouTube: Here are the previous 4 Office Stretch YouTubes: Have a sparkly day! Hope all is well!


Seeing Through The Hands is Massage, Yoga, Personal Training, Hooping. Massage Modalities: medical, therapeutic, deep tissue, sports, trigger point, Swedish, prenatal/postnatal . reflexology, thai, shiatsu, instructional partner massage, Indian head massage, relaxation. Yoga Services: hatha, prenatal, children's, instructional partner yoga. Personal Training: strength, cardio/endurance, flexibility ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun Tips:10% off all treatments for all first time clients! Please book in advance! $10 discount for students and seniors! Holiday, Birthday and "Just Becaus e" Gift Certificates are available! Purchase a 10-pack and get the first session FREE! Tell your Friends! Refer a friend and get 10$ off your next treatment! Early Bird Special: $60 hour massage before 2pm on M, Tu, W. Purchase 10-pack Early Bird Special and get the first massage with a $10 discount. $50 Yoga/ Personal Training session before 2pm M-F. Purchase a 10-pack special and get the first session FREE! Visit My Webpage! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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~Emily Huber
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the positional therapy session! It was a subtle and effective way to address the whole body. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Very good blog. I love yoga too.