Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daily Yoga Practice / Mindful Meditation

My yoga practice has been expanding and evolving as the sun rises and sets. I have been playing with sitting. Sitting in correct alignment, which also assists the mindful meditation process. I start my practice sitting for around 30 minutes. Being aware of 10 check points:
1) Inward spiral
2) Grounded sit bones
3) Even pelvis
4) Length in the front and back torso
5) Length in the side body
6) Upper arms out, helping the scapula be engaged
7) Head looking forward and directly on my spine
8) Releasing the jaw
9) Tongue relaxed to the roof the palate
10) And a slight smile

These 10 principles have strengthened my yoga practice tremendously. After I sit and mediate with awareness, I flow right into my asana practice, and my practice beams with joy. I would strongly recommend experimenting with a mindful meditation at the beginning of your practice!


Blessings and Creativity,
~Emily Huber
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